Our Team

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Executive Director | Secretary, Board of Directors

Phil has more than 30 years of experience in the energy industry, 20 of them with PECI. He excels in leading product development teams that pursue innovative approaches to energy resource management and providing education that results in long-term transformation of energy use practices.

Phil sits on the board of directors for Northwest Energy Efficiency Council and the Seattle Smart Building Center. His experience includes the role of Energy Policy Analyst at Northwest Power and Conservation Council, and Energy Division Chief at Idaho Department of Water and Resources. He holds a BA in Economics from Boise State University.

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Director of Operations & Product Development

Tanya’s management experience spans a wide variety of innovative and traditional energy applications, including coal- and gas-fired power plant operations; planning; maintenance; and uptime management for clients such as Salt River Project, Tucson Electric Power and Colorado Springs Utilities. She worked on geospatial management of ISO 140001 for Shell Petroleum Distribution in Iceland. Tanya also has helped develop energy efficiency and renewable energy startups, including scaling a nascent AirCarePlus HVAC tune-up technology and savings aggregation program that has delivered 350 trillion BTU savings to small to medium commercial buildings on behalf of investor-owned utilities; and building the Solar 4R Schools renewable energy education startup that now serves over 200 schools nationwide and delivers over 1 MW of solar energy.

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Director of Finance

Matt has 13 years of finance experience and five years as Chief Financial Officer at mission-driven organizations. In addition, he acquired diverse functional and industry experience managing business development at A+E Networks and as a consultant at the Tokyo offices of Arthur Andersen and KPMG. Matt is a Certified Management Accountant and received a BA from the University of Colorado at Boulder and an MBA from the Yale School of Management. He has three kids and three dogs with his wife and trains Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

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Senior Product Manager

Micha’s diverse experience includes custom hardware development for advanced sensors, research and development for NASA and engineering management for solar materials manufacturing in the photovoltaics industry. With over 20 years of experience, she excels in project portfolio management, leading cross-functional teams, strategic planning, budget management and developing fact-based, data-driven solutions to diverse business challenges. In her role as senior product development manager at PECI, she brings her passion for creating innovations that improve peoples’ lives in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.

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Senior Product Manager

Jeff has been working to improve building energy performance and increase the use of renewable energy resources for 40 years, developing and implementing programs for utilities and regional nonprofits and managing energy and green building projects for developers and owners. He has held management positions in utility subsidiaries and nonprofits, and for 25 years prior to joining PECI, led his own consulting firm.

Jeff serves as the Board President of Portland’s Community Energy Project and is a former member of the Regional Technical Forum. He has an MBA from the University of Washington and an MFA in Drawing from Southern Illinois University.

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John P. Ashworth

President | Member Since 1992

For over 35 years, John has specialized in environmental law and business litigation. He is a member of the Oregon State Bar Sustainable Future Section Study Group where he helps assess the environmental impact of rules and legislation. John is a Partner at Kell, Alterman & Runstein, LLP. He holds a JD from New York University School of Law and a BA with distinction from Stanford University.

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Amanda Potter

Vice President | Member Since 2002

In her current position overseeing Energy Trust of Oregon’s Agriculture and Industry teams, Amanda combines expertise in the technical aspects of energy efficiency with problem-solving and management skills. Her experience includes senior roles with CLEAResult and PECI. She holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and a Master’s of Engineering from École Centrale de Lyon in France.

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Stephen Eichenlaub

Treasurer | Member Since 2011

Stephen is currently COO at M-SIX Technology, a software start-up focused on improving the productivity and efficiency in the construction and operation of complex mega-projects, such as international airports. Steve is active in the Portland start-up community and serves on multiple advisory boards. He holds a BS in Electrical and Nuclear Engineering from U.C. Berkeley and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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Jeff Allen

Member Since 2016

The Executive Director of Forth, Jeff’s executive career spans more than two decades. His environmental policy experience includes working with European nonprofits including the Center for Clean Air Policy, the Environmental Law Institute and the Union of Concerned Scientists. Jeff holds an MPP from Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley and a BA from the University of Michigan.

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John Audley

Member Since 2017

John consults with businesses, governments and NGOs on rural economic development issues. John has served on the board of The Climate Trust and Sustainable Northwest Wood and serves on a variety of state government advisory boards. He holds an MA in Political Science from the University of Arizona, an MIM from Thunderbird School of International Business Management and a PhD in Political Economy from the University of Maryland.

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Bill Edmonds

Member Since 2017

Bill has worked as an environmental consultant, a state regulatory staffer and a utility company director. He is now director of environmental policy and sustainability at NW Natural. Bill is a board member of the Community Cycling Center and former board member of the Oregon Environmental Council, Earth Advantage and The Climate Trust. He holds a BA in Political Science from Williams College and an MA in Public Policy from UC Berkeley.

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Nancy J. Hamilton

Member Since 2018

Nancy’s 20 years of experience includes serving as chief of staff to Mayor Tom Potter and leading workforce and economic development efforts for Governor Ted Kulongoski. Her current consulting practice focuses on public process efforts, government affairs and economic development as it relates to carbon reduction and energy efficiency. She holds a BS in Communication from Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University.

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Susan Anderson

Member Since 2018

As the director of Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, Susan oversees programs and policies focused on climate change, energy efficiency and renewable energy resources. Her leadership has resulted in a comprehensive land-use plan and a climate action plan. Susan holds Bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Environmental Science from UC Santa Barbara and an MA in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Oregon.

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Adam Zimmerman

Committee Member

Currently the President and CEO of Craft3, Adam launched that organization’s energy efficiency lending program in 2009. Adam is a board member of the Oregon Growth Board and Oregon Tilth and a member of the Portland Development Commission Neighborhood Economic Development Leadership Group. He holds a BA in Planning Public Policy & Management and Geography from the University of Oregon, and a Master’s of Community and Regional Planning from the University of Oregon.